How to close cleanly an Agile coaching



When we start a coaching, we shall keep in mind it will end one day. (Start with the end in mind).

So, we put the conditions of satisfaction into the contract between the coach and his client (or client teams). Among  others, that will help the coach to be recommended.


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A coaching is a part of path traveled together. At the end of the coaching, their paths separate. The coach responsibility is to let the client in security, meaning he knows where he is (on which path), ha has ideas on which direction to take and il feels at ease to continue alone.


If the coaching terminates according to initial conditions (date, results, …), both part can define new ways to explore during their last meeting. The  coach may give a document with his recommandations. He verifies that the client reads and understands them.

It may happen that the coaching should end earlier: solved problem, no more funding for coaching, … In urgency, we may organize a last meeting with all the teams. The Agile coach provides its own indications by himself ans gives feed forward by proposing a different vision for the current organization.


What we leave


The Agile coach has an advisory role. When finishing the coaching, here are some points to treat:

  • a review of the progress made together: the main steps, the difficulties encountered and the progress made
  • a review of the initial issues and new issues that have arisen in the meantime (SWOT)
  • the tracks on the follow-up to give (survival kit)
  • the autonomy (= no dependency relationship)
  • the satisfaction and improvement issues for the coach (his own feedback)

Don’t forget to include the sponsor when exposing those points. It is often he who will decide what to do next.


While avoiding creating a dependency effect, the coach can get back in touch a few months later to get news. But he will avoid entering into disguised coaching without a new contract.




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