Elan’A vent, what is it?

The name comes from a french word game including the Elan (Elk) and the ‘vent’ (wind). Moreover, it mimics the expression “en avant” (go forward).

Loving sailing on the sea, I defined this name and this logo : an elk (élan) on a boat qui that embed a crew, a team with him. The lighthouse is a landmark. The “Agile” helm is used to navigate, to adapt to various situations.

Who am I?

I have long being passionate by software development logiciel. I then felt that I’ll bring more value by moving to coaching.

Being a trainer and an agile coach, I strive to create powerful teams both through my training and my coaching.

My vision of agility

Agility does not only concern the human aspect. Technical excellence remains one of the pillars of agility. Too often neglected, it is a necessary condition to obtain the expected performance. It also reinforces the sense of pride of a well-done team.